Adrian DiNatale

Senior Software Architect

Adrian DiNatale

From an early age, Adrian DiNatale took the bull by the horns—or at that time, his toys by the circuitry. That early hands-on exploration ignited his passion for discovering how things worked. When he was 8, his father brought home a Commodore 64.

Fascinated with how he could type a few sentences on the keyboard and have the screen change color or repeat words, he set his sights on becoming a game developer, which morphed into more practical application development.

Adrian is still making things work as he dives into The SSL Store's development- and technology-related activities to help maximize productivity, growth and profit. An avid problem solver, he embraces the fact that every day introduces new challenges and problems to solve.

In fact, he thrives on it. Aside from technology, the other thing that strikes a major chord with Adrian is music. In his bad days, he shared the stage with many internationally known artists. When Adrian isn't coming up with new ways to delight SSL customers from behind the scenes, you'll find him turning wrenches on his classic VW, bringing on the bass in his studio, or making his pup's tail wag incessantly.

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