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In this day and age, you can't deny that trust continues to matter more and more. If people don't trust you, they will NEVER do business with you, that notion is pretty cut and dry, agree? Well, lucky for you, we're here to help you put trust at the forefront of your online business…right where it belongs!

We're constantly thinking of new ways to let everyone know how to leverage trust & confidence with SSL certificates and their extra features like:

  • The Green Address Bar
  • HTTPS Everywhere
  • Recognized Trust Seals
  • Premium Brand Names
  • Dynamic Site Seals

But we ALWAYS want some more…

NSG Trust
Nsg Next SSL

Introducing the Next Level of Showcasing Trust

The next level of showing you can be trusted has arrived with a BANG! It's called the Norton Shopping Guarantee (NSG) and it brings you into the next stratosphere of trust to compliment your premium SSL cert and its indicators. It reaches another level that only the most trusted security brand on the internet can obtain and best of all, it's GUARANTEED to give you a return or you pay nothing! Say what?!? Actually, it's better than FREE, it EARNS! Tell me more, tell me more….

FACT: There are 3 Primary Concerns for Website Users

There are studies out there, tons of them, which have dissected & broken down website user behaviors 10 times over to pin-point exactly what users are concerned with when shopping online. It's no secret now, so I'll save you the time and tell you now so hopefully you learn before your competitors do! Okay, okay, the three most important things you'll learn today are the 3 main concerns people consciously or sub-consciously check in their minds when deciding to buy are:

1Information Security Will my personal info & identity be kept safe & secure?

2Merchant Reliability Will this site actually send me an authentic product, will it arrive on time, and if I have a problem, will they handle it like a champ?

3Price Am I getting the best price? What if they lower the price tomorrow, should I maybe wait one more day and see or check on some other sites first?

Nsg Case SSL

We aren't making this stuff up, it's been proven.

So, now that you know this, we'll gladly show you how the Norton Shopping Guarantee tackles these 3 obstacles FOR you, you don't have to do anything but agree to let Norton go to work for you. Did I mention it is GUARANTEED to work?! In case you forgot, NSG guarantees you a real return on your investment (ROI) and it will even PROVE it to you before you have to make a decision to move forward.

  • identiSSL

    "64% of identity theft originates online"

    - US Federal Trade Commission

  • Verisign Logo

    "83% of online users worry about their identity being stolen from an online purchase"

    - VeriSign

  • Nsg Case SSL

    "92% of shoppers have concerns when shopping on new and unknown websites"

    - McAfee Security

  • Nsg Case SSL

    "45% of shoppers view price as most important"

    - BizRate Research

Norton Shopping Guarantee - Increase Your ROI

NSG increases merchant profitability & buyer satisfaction

Norton Shopping Guarantee satisfies the 3 concerns

This little gem packs a big punch, it guarantees a boat load of things, but most of all the increase in consumer trust & confidence, oh and an uptick in conversion! The guarantees within NSG target the 3 main fears online shoppers have that we mentioned above. The theory is simple: let's overcome these fears right out of the gate (before they even arise) and get to the part where they buy from you. Here's how it's done:


Information Security SSL Consultation


Identity Theft Protection

OVERCOME: If the consumer choses to buy from you, NSG will cover up to $10K if your customer's identity is somehow compromised. No matter what!

SSL Consultation


Merchant Reliability SSL Consultation


Purchase Guarantee

OVERCOME: This reassures the shopper that if the merchant doesn't live up to the terms of the sale with regard to the actual product, shipping or the customer service aspect, NSG will make it right up to $1K.

SSL Consultation


Price SSL Consultation


Lowest Price Guarantee

OVERCOME: This is a peace of mind for the customer that says if this merchant lowers the price, NSG will refund the customer the difference, up to $100.

SSL Consultation

By addressing your users' known fears upfront, you're off to a better start than you were yesterday. You're now more equipped to close the deal than you ever were before. Come to think of it, now that you know the three fears, it's almost impossible to go another day without making sure you're somehow addressing them, right? If only you read this months or years ago, think of all the money you would have made with the same amount of resources used…don't cry. I'll stop babbling so you can just sign-up now to start for FREE and let us show you what we can do. We guarantee it!

Here's how you'll show off your shiny new NSG

Once you agree to let NSG start earning for you, you're gonna want to show the world how awesome your company is for overcoming their fears, right? So here's how you'll do it….

1 You get to display this cool little persistent seal in the lower left corner of every page of your site. Then, your users can click it and quickly get details on your new guarantee. Go ahead and click ours….just click it, click it! You'll see that we are back by the largest Internet security company there is…who doesn't want that?

2 You'll also get some kicker displays to sprinkle throughout your site around your "Add to Cart" buttons to make sure your users always know you're looking out for them.

SSL Consultation
SSL Consultation

Breakaway from Your Competition, Act Fast!

Signing-up for the Norton Shopping Guarantee is by far the best thing you can do for your business today! This product is new to the market, so I'll bet your competitors haven't heard about it quite yet. You're already one step ahead of them! If you sign-up now, you'll be two steps ahead and well on your way to total domination. What could you possibly be waiting for? There's no risk! It's FREE! It's guaranteed! It's quick! It's easy! It can prove to you that it's effective! It's really a no-brainer! Simply sign-up and you'll hear directly from our NSG Specialists that will instantly help you annihilate your competitors.

Sign-up today to instantly provide your buyers with:

  • $10,000 Identity Theft Protection
  • $1,000 Purchase Guarantee
  • $100 Lowest Price Guarantee

We're a Symantec Platinum Partner & Website Security Specialist

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    Symantec Specialist Partners are uniquely qualified and highly trained experts in Web security solutions. This highest level of partnership is only available to current Platinum or Gold partners of Symantec. With access to specialist online, security blogs and roundtables, our team is propelled to top in the industry and constantly in the know. Speaking of Symantec Website Security Specialization…did you know we were the first in the world? Yes, the FIRST company in the entire world to be specialized in website security by the worldwide security leader, Symantec™!

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    Symantec Website Security Specialist Partners are uniquely qualified and highly trained experts in all of Symantec's website security solutions. This highest level of partnership is only available to select Platinum partners of Symantec. With access to specialists online, security blogs and roundtables, our team is propelled to the top in the industry and constantly in the know. In fact, we are the FIRST company in the entire world to be specialized in website security by the worldwide security leader, Symantec™! You are in great hands!

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