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DigiCert Secure Site EV (FLEX)

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DigiCert Secure Site EV (FLEX)


Important! To ensure the most up-to-date security that meets the latest browser requirements, you'll need to re-issue your certificate (at no cost to you) once per year. Don't worry, we'll send you an email reminder 30 days in advance! More details...

Validation Type: EV Reissue: Unlimited Issuance: 2-24 hours Warranty: $1,750,000

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Product Summary

  • Yes IconHighest Level of Validation
  • Yes IconSite Seal: Dynamic, Digicert Seal
  • No IconPost-Quantum Resistant
  • Yes IconSAN-Enabled
  • Yes IconServer Licensing: Unlimited
  • No IconVulnerability Assessment
  • Yes IconMalware Scan
  • No IconWildcard-Enabled
  • Yes IconCertCentral® Mgmt. Platform
  • Yes IconPriority Support
  • Yes IconPriority Validation
  • Yes IconInstant Issuance

The DigiCert Secure Site EV Flex SSL Certificate offers excellent long-term scalability with our new flex feature. This unique FLEXibility allows for you to secure up to 250 standard domains now or later all under one certificate – making certificate management easy and convenient. The flex feature is different than a multi-domain SSL cert, because you can secure just 1 or 2 domains now and add more later (as opposed to the traditional 3-domain minimum).

In addition to our flex feature, this is an extended validation (EV) SSL certificate! This means that users can verify your organization directly in your certificate details. Toss in the FREE DigiCert site seal and users will know that your website is safe, secure, and trustworthy!


Assurance & Authentication

With this being an EV SSL certificate, you will need to go through a more extensive validation process – verifying details about your organization. But since you are getting a premier certificate from THE premier CA, DigiCert will streamline this process—you can usually get your certificate issued in 24 hours or less. Another reason to go with DigiCert!

Mobile & Browser Compatibility

Compatible Browsers:
  • Chrome 3+ (above)
  • Opera 7+ (above)
  • Safari all browsers
  • Firefox 1+ (above)
  • Netscape 9+ (above)
  • IE 5+ (above)
  • AOL 10+ (above)
Mobile compatibilities include:
  • Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer
  • Palm / Handspring Blazer 2.0+
  • Apple iPhone, iPad, Safari
  • NTT Do Co Mo
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Smartphone 2003
  • Sony Playstation Portable
  • Sony Netjuke Audio
  • Netfront 3.0+
  • Blackberry
  • AT&T
  • Openwave
  • Brew
  • Vodaphone

Features & Benefits

Feature & Benefits
  • Extended Validation (EV) Certificate acts as sign of trust for visiting users
  • Displays verified organization information in the certificate details
  • Flex feature allows you to secure up to 250 domains now, later, or whenever!
  • FREE DigiCert Site Seal
  • Priority Validation & Support
  • Installation Checker
  • $1,750,000 Warranty Protection
  • 99.9% Browser and Mobile Recognition Rate
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Unlimited FREE Self-Service Reissues
  • Unlimited Server Licenses
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Supports RSA & ECC

Product Specifications

Product Specification
  • X.509 Digital Certificate
  • Extended Validation SSL Certificate
  • Key size: 2048-bit RSA or 224-bit ECC
  • Symmetric 256-bit encryption
  • SHA-2 Hashing Algorithm (256, 384, 512)

Trusted and Established Brands

The most innovative companies in world put their trust in DigiCert. Why? Because of DigiCert’s undying dedication to providing the best TLS/SSL, IoT and PKI solutions for identity and encryption. When you display the DigiCert name on your SSL certificate, savvy users will know that this is a website they can trust.

The SSL Store is thrilled to provide the DigiCert products to our audience. As an elite platinum partner of DigiCert, we bring their products at unbeatable prices that you cannot find anywhere else. Throw in our 30-day money back guarantee and dedicated SSL expert support, and the decision to buy from The SSL Store is nothing but a win-win!

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