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Yep, it's true! You can actually achieve ROI from your SSL by simply investing in premium certificates to activate all trust indicators in browsers; like the familiar "green address bar"! All certificates encrypt; however, all of them DO NOT add the trust & confidence an EV SSL certificate can bring to your site. You'll fall back in LOVE with your conversion rates.

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The SSL Store™ WHMCS SSL Reseller Module

We make WHMCS SSL integration easy and profitable for our resellers

The SSL Store™ and WHMCS are a perfect match. As the worldwide leader in SSL and web security solutions, we figured it only made sense to ensure that we're fully integrated with the number one online billing, support, and automation software in the hosting industry. That's exactly why we've spent countless hours, manpower, and resources in developing the most robust and feature-rich WHMCS SSL reseller module on the planet.

We understand that integration is one of the most important factors that web hosting companies and other IT service providers consider when choosing the right SSL reseller program. This is where our value as a Premium SSL Service with more than 50 team members dedicated to SSL comes into play. All of our efforts are designed around helping our resellers make selling, provisioning, and managing SSL as simple and profitable as humanly possible, or should I say as "robotically" possible?

Among our litany of SSL integration options, like our RESTFUL API and our pre-built White Label Storefronts, lies our most popular plugin solution for: WHMCS. Throughout the years, we have continued to revamp and retool our WHMCS security plugin to ensure it boasts all of the bells & whistles that make delivering SSL to your customers a breeze. But what specifically makes our WHMCS SSL reseller module stand head and shoulders above what else is out there? Well…

SSL Brands in WHMCS

Import your existing SSL orders

The coolest new feature of our WHMCS module is the ability to import all of your existing SSL orders into our system. So, if you have existing orders, there's no need to worry about tracking them in one system and then renewing them in the next. All you have to do is import your orders using a CSV file, and then they can be automatically renewed through our system. It's that simple! Not only will you be able to bring in new orders with our user-friendly plugin, but you can manage and renew all of your existing orders as well.

Auto-renewal functionality

When developing the latest version of our WHMCS module, perhaps no feature was more requested by our reselling partners than having an auto-renewal function for active SSL certificates. Well, ask – and they have received! In our WHMCS SSL plugin, invoices for renewal certificates can be generated automatically. Once the invoice is paid, a renewal order will be placed automatically as well. The renewal process is set 30 days before expiry so that EV and other manually vetted certificates will be covered.

Auto-import of all SSL products

Take a gander over at our available product options. Quite a few, eh? We actually have more than 80 available SSL certificates and other web security solutions. Believe us: setting up all of those products was no picnic. We wouldn't wish it on our worst enemies… let alone our valued resellers! That's why our WHMCS SSL module gives you the ability to import all of our products at once. With just a few clicks of the mouse – PRESTO! You will have access to every product we offer right in the WHMCS panel. It's that simple!

SSL product descriptions

What if your customers aren't familiar with SSL certificates? We personally don't understand how anyone couldn't be invested in the exciting and wonderful world of SSL encryption, but we're aware that it sometimes happens. So, not to worry! Once you set up your new SSL products in your WHMCS, your customers will not only see them all listed, but see them listed with brief descriptions as well. We professionally wrote brief, detailed, appealing descriptions for all of our SSL products that highlight the features and benefits of each option and easily demonstrate the value of going with a higher ticket item. We did this all so you didn't have to.

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Auto Install

Works flawlessly with AutoInstall SSL™

We designed our WHMCS SSL module to work seamlessly with AutoInstall SSL®, a revolutionary plugin currently available for cPanel. Our WHMCS module has been designed to work hand-in-hand with AutoInstall SSL®, which takes virtually all of the manual intervention and labor out of SSL. With our WHMCS plugin and AutoInstall SSL®, your customers will be able to purchase the SSL certs they need and then proceed immediately to the installation process. From there, our technology will generate their CSR, validate their domain, generate, install, and test their certificate automatically.

Additional features

There are a ton of other features in our WHCMS SSL plugin – but we don't think anyone wants to read a novella–length webpage☺. So take a look at the chart on the right for a brief list of some of the other treats you'll find within our WHMCS module.

To learn more about our WHMCS SSL plugin, please feel free to contact our Reseller Account Manager, Dan Roehrer, via email at or call him up at +1 (727) 619-6046. Or, to download and install our WHMCS SSL module now, simply sign up for a FREE reseller account and start reaping the benefits today.

The SSL Store™ WHMCS Plugin also features

  • Our SSL Tools
  • Multilingual support
  • Cron job to send SSL expiration reminder email
  • File-based authentication option for DV products
  • Live order status updates synched with The SSL Store™
  • All certificate management options available on the admin side
  • And much, much more!

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