Key Manager Plus

Hassle-free key and certificate management powered by industry experts

Key Manager Plus gives you a powerful one-stop solution that makes it easy to buy, view, manage, monitor and control SSH keys and SSL certificates across your entire organization. Zoho Corporation’s IT management division, ManageEngine, is 100% focused on perfecting IT management with customer-friendly interfaces that deliver full functionality. More than 180,000 companies around the world, including 60% of the Fortune 500, and 3 million admins trust ManageEngine to simplify their IT. Find out what they can do for you.

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Key Manager Plus

71% of IT pros don’t know how many keys and certificates their organization has.
The average company is managing upwards of 83,000 digital certificates.

Source: Ponemon 2019 Report

Billing Options

Control without Compromise

Nothing builds confidence like having all your keys and certificates right at your fingertips—whether issued by your private Certificate Authority (CA)
or any of the publicly-trusted CAs. Never be hit with an expired certificate, exploited key or unplanned outage again.

Full Functionality at Your Fingertips

Billing Options

Efficiency is Just a Click Away

  • 1

    (Discovery) Automatically discover and import all SSL certificates, including public, private and those from Microsoft Certificate Store and Active Directory

  • 2

    (Create CSR) Automatically general CSRs with a single click

  • 3

    (Cert Request) Simplify and automate all certificate requests in one centralized dashboard

  • 4

    (TSS dropdown) Buy globally trusted SSL certificates from all the world’s most trusted Certificate Authorities (CAs)

  • 5

    (Order Status) Instantly see the status of every SSL certificate to identify issues & vulnerabilities at a glance

  • 6

    (Reports) Run pre-formatted reports for expirations, wildcards, vulnerabilities or servers, or customize your own

  • 7

    (Settings) Easily manage user access, import users and groups from Active Directory, schedule automatic backups, enable vulnerability scans and more

Find out all the ways Key Manager Plus can simplify management and reduce risk.