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SSL Certificate Installation Guideline for IIS 5&6

A Complete Guideline to Install SSL Certificate on IIS 5 & 6 Web Server

Please click here if you still have not created a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and follow our instructions on how to successfully place an order.

Step 1 – Open the zip folder that contains your certificate and save the file ‘your_domain_name.cer’ to the desktop of the web server you intend to secure.

Step 2 – Go to 'Administrative Tools' and open 'Internet Services Manager'. Right-click on the 'Default Website' or the website that the CSR was created on and select 'Properties'. The certificate can only be installed on the same website which the CSR was created on.

Ssl Installation A SSL

Step 3 – Now, go to the 'Directory Security' panel and click on 'Server Certificate…' button. This step will open the certificate wizard. Click 'Next'.

Ssl Installation B SSL

Step 4 – As shown in the image below, click on the option of 'Process the pending request and install the certificate', from the 'IIS Certificate Wizard' window.

Ssl Installation C SSL

Step 5 – Now, browse for your SSL certificate and locate 'your_domain_name.cer'. Then, click on 'Next' and follow the rest of the steps until finished.

Step 6 – Typically, after completing the certificate wizard, IIS will start using the new certificate and a restart is not necessary. To test installation, use our SSL Checker Tool or visit the secured URL with a browser other than Internet Explorer.

If the server still continues to deploy the old certificate or your website is having problems loading via HTTPS, please shutdown and restart the web server.

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