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Symantec is a global juggernaut - the #1 most recognized & trusted security brand on the Internet. Period. There's simply no other company that offers what Symantec can when it comes to website security. Since 1991, Symantec has powered the world-renowned anti-virus brand, Norton. In 2010, Symantec fittingly acquired VeriSign, the global leader in SSL at that time. And now, in 2017, Symantec is merging with another industry titan, DigiCert, to offer faster, more efficient validation and an upgraded PKI. Symantec now brings unsurpassed encryption, trust & the ultimate in brand recognition right to your doorstep-it's the best choice to help propel your business to new heights.

The World's #1 Website Security Solution

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These are as good as it gets, go ahead and choose the all-in-one complete website security solution from Symantec and align your company with the security giant your customers deserve:

Symantec Certificates

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With Symantec's full suite of website security solutions, not only are you aligning your business with the most recognized security team on the web, you also get additional premium features that go way beyond just rock-solid SSL encryption to add even MORE trust to your site and business. Think of it more like the top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz of the SSL world.

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Unrivaled Premium Features Included

By purchasing a Symantec SSL certificate with us, you not only get to flaunt the biggest name in the SSL world, you get FREE & instant access to additional PREMIUM features to round out the most complete website security solution package ever known to man. Each Symantec solution comes with all the extra bells & whistles to easily set you apart from your competition.

When you let Symantec into your life, you get most of these awesome features in a single solution:

Join a Half Billion People Every Day

Did you know that the dynamic Norton Secured Seal that you get with any Symantec SSL certificate is seen over 500+ million times per day? Yes, perrrrr day! If our math is correct, that means over the next few years, basically every person in the world will have seen this seal at one time or another. And now that Symantec is powered by DigiCert, it's brand power has grown even more. Wow, talk about world domination!

Of course there are cheaper SSL certificates in the marketplace, but when you want to be the best, start by buying the best, end of story! By choosing the most recognized & trusted SSL certificate brand the world offers, you provide your site's users the true confidence they seek when trying to decide who to do business with right at that key decision–making moment.

Join a Half Billion People Every Day

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With Symantec SSL certificates, you have the highest potential ROI that exists when compared to any other certificate. Simply put, the more people trust you-the more likely they are to buy from you. So, shouldn't you do whatever it takes to achieve this? Virtually every Fortune 100 & 500 company has chosen to secure their web presence with either Symantec, or its new partner DigiCert, to increase trust with their customers. Go ahead, align yourself with the best-buy more trust & confidence. Put Symantec to work for you today!

Simply Add More Trust

Platinum Elite Certified Partners of DigiCert & Symantec

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DigiCert Certified Partner Platinum Elite

As a result of our partnership with Symantec, The SSL Store™ is pleased to announce its membership in the invitation-only, Platinum Elite level of DigiCert's Certified Partner Program.

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