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EV SSL Certificates will eventually pay for themselves

Did you know that accord to Tec-ED, 100% off website visitors notice the green address bar? Not just that, but 97% of the respondents in Tec-ED's study would feel comfortable with giving their credit card information to a website with a green address bar, 93% would prefer to do business with a website that has the green address bar and 77% would hesitate to shop at a website without one.

The only way to get the green address bar is with an EV SSL Certificate. And while that may seem like an expensive proposition, research bears out that it's really not. In fact, EV SSL Certificates have been proven to pay for themselves over time. What other product gives you that sort of return on investment?

EV SSL adds an air of legitimacy that can literally be quantified in dollars and cents…

EV for Me

Extended Validation SSL Certificates offer the most benefits of any SSL/TLS certificate. Chief among them, they're statistically proven to increase sales. According to one study, the British shoe store, Fitness Footwear, saw an impressive 16.9% increase in conversions after going with an EV SSL Certificate. VirtualSheetMusic.com saw a 13% improvement, and the phone accessory company iStyles saw a 28% jump.

These are three real businesses that all saw a significant increase in their bottom line simply by choosing an EV SSL Certificate. Sure, larger companies may not use EV. Take Amazon for instance, they choose to use OV certificates that they issue themselves. But chances are, you're not Amazon. You don't have the name nor the reputation that Amazon does. For your business, choosing EV SSL adds an air of legitimacy that can literally be quantified in dollars and cents.

EV for Me

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EV Pays for Itself

We understand, EV SSL is expensive – though not as expensive as it once was thanks to Comodo – it may seem like a lot of money to put down on a certificate. But the benefits of encryption aside, EV will literally pay for itself over time. We're talking an increase in conversions, more profit. Profits that would otherwise not be there if it weren't for that green address bar and the trust seal that comes with your EV certificate. Think about it, 77% of Internet users would be hesitant to do business with a website that doesn't have the green address bar. 77%!

Do you have any idea how many potential customers that is? In an extreme case you might only be doing a quarter of the business that you would be doing if you had an EV certificate. In a more likely scenario, you're probably looking at gaining another 15-20%. What business couldn't use that? EV SSL isn't an expense—it's an investment. The ROI proves it.

EV Pays for Itself