Inspire Trust with SSL/ TLS

How OV and EV SSL Certificates help you boost trust

Trust is the cornerstone of E-commerce. That's important, so let us reiterate. Trust is the cornerstone of E-commerce.

In a world where cybercrime is becoming more and more sophisticated and consumers are becoming more and more suspicious, it's more important than ever that your customers can trust you. After all, if they don't trust you, they're not going to turn over their hard earned money to you. And as you can probably imagine, that would be bad for business.

Business Authentication Certificates

Trust is the cornerstone of E-commerce…

How to Inspire Trust Using SSL

For starters, just the simple act of encrypting your website is going to build some small level of trust between your company and your customers. People value their personal information, and knowing that you've protected it from the potentially malicious eyes of a third party is going to offer some reassurance.

But the truth is that in order for people to trust you completely, you're going to need to undergo business authentication. Business authentication is when a Certificate Authority vets your company to make sure it is a legitimate legal entity.

Bear in mind that to receive a signed certificate, the CA essentially has to vouch for your identity. The browsers, the applications that read the certificates and determine whether or not a user can trust your website, do not trust you individually. They trust the Certificate Authorities. If the CA says you're legitimate, the browser is going to essentially take them at their word.


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Organization Validation (OV)

Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificates were the original certs. They require a light business vetting, but offer the benefit of displaying your business's registration information when a customer clicks on the padlock indicator in the address bar or on the trust seal.

There are two indicators for OV certificates, three if you count the site seal. The indicators are a green HTTPS and a padlock. The padlock can be clicked to display information about the organization that owns the website and the certificate itself. These indicators are similar to the ones that appear with a Domain Validated certificate, except when clicked they display the registration information of the company that owns the site.

OV certs are a solid choice for any business, but are perhaps best utilized by large enterprises or companies with reputations that precede them. They don't offer all the benefits of EV certs, but for a company that is large enough they are a great price-conscious choice that will both ensure encryption and offer better authentication than a simple DV cert.

Extended Validation (EV)

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates offer the greatest degree of business authentication because they require your organization to undergo a full business vetting. This sounds like an invasive procedure, but it's really not. Again, if you're a legitimate business you have nothing to worry about.

The benefits of Extended Validation SSL are undeniable though. In addition to a green HTTPS and a padlock your company will get a green address bar with its name in it. This is the ultimate trust-builder because the green address bar can't be faked, it offers instant assurance to your customers that they are in the right place—that they can trust you.

EV SSL Certificates also come with better site seals and often include other security features like malware scanners and vulnerability assessments to put your – and your customers' – minds at ease. EV is a great option for any business – big or small – because it offers the greatest deal of assurance to your website's visitors. It's a great way to show your customers both that you've made an investment in protecting their privacy and that you are who you say you are.

Trust is Key

Both OV and EV SSL certificates offer business validation, an important factor in building trust with your customers and potential customers. While each has their distinct advantages, both are a great first step towards building that credibility.

Remember, trust is the cornerstone of E-commerce. That's why you should take advantage of every opportunity to build trust by investing in OV or EV.

Trust is Key